How to Make A Funeral Claim

Standard Documents Required

  1. Claim Form – Completed funeral claim form
  2. Policyholder’s ID – A certified copy of the Policyholder / beneficiary / claimant’s identity document
  3. Deceased’s ID – A certified copy of the deceased’s identity document
  4. Policy Document – Copy of the Policy Document
  5. BI-1663 – BI-1663 (completed by a doctor who certified the death).
  6. Death Certificate – Certified copy of the official death certificate issued by the Department of Home Affairs
  7. Bank Details – Confirmation of bank details
Claim form
Payment Instruction
Statement by police in case of unatural death

Additional Documents Required In The Following Events

Unnatural Death

In the event that the cause of death is unnatural (accidental death): Fully completed SAPS statement

Deceased Spouse

In the event that the deceased / claimant is the spouse: Certified copy on Marriage Certificate / other document as proof of marriage / Affidavit by Policyholder confirming relationship

Foreign Lives

Foreign lives assured Certified Copy of the deceased’s Passport and a Letter from Relevant Consulate

Stillborn Child

In the event of a stillborn child: Certified copy of the identity document of the still-born child’s mother and letter from the doctor who was present at the baby’s birth, confirming the mother of the child and at how many weeks the child was born

Child 21 - 25

In the event that the deceased is a child of 21 years of age but younger than 25 years of age: Formal letter from a recognized educational institution confirming that the deceased child was full time student at date of death

Incapacitated Child 21+

In the event that the deceased is a mentally or physically incapacitated Child 21 years of age or older: Formal Letter and Medical report from a Licensed Physician/Psychologist confirming the condition of the life assured

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