Funeral Cover

Personal Protection Plan

Provide financial protection to employees and dependents with affordable, customised funeral plans.

Funeral CoverPays out between R10 000 and R30 000 in the event of a member’s death to the nominated beneficiary. The premium payment is automatically deducted from the first pay date in each month that the member is employed.
2 (Two) Month Premium Holiday This entitles the member to 2 (two) months free funeral cover once they are not employed anymore.
Accidental Death Cover Pays out between R7 500 and R22 500 in the event of an unnatural death of the main member, to the selected beneficiary.
Transportation and Funeral Assistance Funeral Assist is a vital portion of our offerings. In the event of the member passing away, Funeral Assist provides financial peace of mind to the bereaved family & next-of-kin with the facilitation of the burial. It includes the following:
• Overnight accommodation for the next-of-kin in order to identify the body (up to R 500)
• Transportation of mortal remains to a place of burial, at no extra cost (only in SA)
• Referral to a pathologist if an autopsy is required
• Referral to reputable undertakers
• Assistance in taking care of the legal documentation to make the necessary funeral arrangements such as the death certificate etc.
• Personal Crisis Assistance – 24 hour toll free professional counsellor hotline. Emotional support by telephone counselling

Cost Per Month

R20 per monthR10 000
R35 per month R20 000
R50 per month R30 000

Family Protection

Employees can cover one spouse and four children under each policy.

R19 per monthR10 000
R30 per month R20 000
R45 per month R30 000

Pay-outs in the Event of Death

MAIN MEMBERR10 000R20 000R30 000
Spouse*R10 000R20 000R30 000
Child (14 - 20/25)*R10 000R20 000R30 000
Children (6 - 13)*R5 000R10 000R15 000
Children (0 - 5)*R3 000R6 000R9 000
Stillborn from 26 weeks*R1 000R2 000R3 000

PLEASE NOTE: When claiming for a spouse, a marriage certificate or proof of traditional marriage is required.
When claiming funeral cover for a child, a birth certificate will be requested.

* A spouse refers to a marital union. Spouse also includes a life partner as long as he/she share a common abode.

* A child refers to a natural child, but does not exclude adopted children, step children or dependants living in the same abode.

Voluntary Extended Family and Parents

Plan Age Range Cover Premium
Plan A 18 – 64 R5 000 R18
Plan A 65 – 74 R5 000 R33
Plan A 75 - 84 R5 000 R55
Plan B 18 – 64 R10 000 R24
Plan B 65 – 74 R10 000 R55
Plan B 75 - 84 R10 000 R99
Plan C 18 – 64 R15 000 R31
Plan C 65 – 74 R15 000 R77
Plan C 75 - 84 R15 000 R143
Plan D 18 – 64 R20 000 R37
Plan D 65 – 74 R20 000 R98
Plan D 75 - 84 R20 000 R187
Plan E 18 – 64 R25 000 R44
Plan E 65 – 74 R25 000 R120
Plan E 75 - 84 R25 000 R231
Plan F 18 – 64 R30 000 R50
Plan F 65 – 74 R30 000 R142
Plan F 75 - 84 R30 000 R275

PLEASE NOTE: All family members will be subject to a 6 month waiting period.

Extended family members include: parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, parents-in-law, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and grandparents.

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